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Bogoso, the mining town of Ghana was the victim of a huge explosion that took as many as 17 lives, as feared by the officials. 59 people were left injured in the incident and some of the people are in critical condition after they were rescued. 

Ghana police said that the explosion occurred after a vehicle with mining explosives ran into a motorcycle in the mining town. Images showed a large crater formed beside the road and a large cloud of soot forming above the caved building. 

Nana Akufo-Addo, President of Ghana informed that the military of the country has joined in for rescue and emergency operations at the explosion site and the disaster management agency is tasked to bring rapid relief to the people of the explosion hit location. He also offered his condolences to the people who were affected by the incident, calling it a tragic, unfortunate, and sad incident for the country. 

Ghana police have urged the nearby church and schools to open their doors for the wounded and displaced people and accommodate the surviving victims. Police further asked people to move out of the town to nearby areas and maintain their calm while the police manage the situation. 

According to the officials, the blast caused 500 buildings to cave in, causing a massive crater in the earth nearby. Rescue and excavation work is in progress with the joint efforts of police and military to avoid further damage or any subsequent explosion. 

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