20,278 confirmed cases and 313 deaths from COVID-19
Photo credit: 20,278 confirmed cases and 313 deaths from COVID-19
Photo source: Reuters
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Morocco observed a hike in corona cases and so banned travel from and to its major cities. The travel restrictions were imposed on Monday and affected major cities like Tangier, Tetouan, Fez, Meknes, Casablanca, Berrechid, Settat and Marrakesh. The restrictions were imposed because many Moroccans were not cooperating with government rules and regulations to fight Covid19 like physical distancing, the wearing of masks and the use of disinfectants. 

People who have medical needs and the workers are excluded from the restrictions but would also even need a travel permit signed by local authorities. The export and import of goods will remain as it is. The government did not tell about how long it is going to be in force. Morocco reported  633 new COVID-19 cases after 16,438 people had recovered and death of 313. 

Inputs from aljazeera

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