Mushroom Farming Zimbabwe
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Mushroom farming in urban Zimbabwe is gaining ground and more and more people are gaining extra money in their own backyard. 

Linda Choto, 40, earns up to $400 per week in Harare, capital of South Africa, from her mushroom farm company. 

Choto is a city that has turned into mushroom farming and turned wild vegetables into gold in late Zimbabwe. “I make between $200 to $400 a week through my mushroom business depending on the type of mushroom available,” Choto told the Anadolu Agency. 

‘Ground meat’ 

Many like Choto have become the providers of vegetarian “ground meat,” with Zimbabwe’s doldrum economy. This has become common for many unemployed Harare city residents, including Givemore Nhari. 

“It’s the mushroom that makes us taste meat because the mushroom is affordable, unlike the real meat at the butcher which I last ate on Christmas,” Nhari told Anadolu.

Emergent mushroom farmers in Zimbabwe help provide for a majority like Nhari’s affordable nutritional needs. 

The pandemic with coronavirus in Zimbabwe gained attention, at a time when many people were unemployed. 

To support the unemployed 

Like many others, after a loss of job at an industrial company in 2016, Blessing Munautsi, 61, a resident in the low-density suburb of Harare, Westgate, started to grow mushrooms. 

Munautsi, like Choto, makes rich captured champagne. 

‘It’s up to harvest,’ says Munautsi to Anadolu Agency. ‘I make some 24,000 to 25,000 zimbabwean dollars a week. 

Munautsi said she transformed into a friend with rising mushrooms, learning clothes before going to business at the backyard of her rented house after she had been fired from her job. 

Choto, who’s got an 8-5pm already. Employment, the company began in 2017, oyster mushrooms rising. She has taken tremendous advances and has become a delicacy mass cultivator.

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