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The business prospects in Africa are diverse and special. In order to provide instructors to build scalability businesses in order to solve key issues in Africa, Harvard Business School professors are introducing a new online course. As a comparison to other business courses, this course is about discovering prospects for intelligent entrepreneurship through on-line seminars, peer-to-peer networking and real-life lessons integrated into participants’ own business plans. The course begins online on 17 August 2020. 

Learn how Africa-specific developments impact on opportunities and challenges of entrepreneurship ventures in the continent, from Harvard Business School Professors Tarun Khanna, Caroline Elkins and Karim Lakhani. This course explores the nuances which make Africa unique in today’s emerging market landscape and the parallels drawn from the other emerging economies in the world that are moving rapidly. The capstone learning experience of this course is the creation of participants’ own business plan with peer-to-peer input. 

The course provides a variety of time-tested lecture content and successful lecture tasks. Each week the participants attend the course material and seminars and at the end of the week, there is a live webinar segment with HBS professors and African business leaders. However, each individual participant has the option of engaging in the business plan phase of the course week by week.

The creation of the business plan will culminate in a business plan for those participants. “A highly trained African business jury will judge the best proposals, recruited by experts who lecturing in our Africa course. In this way, the course will put the students of the Harvard Business School to the attention of an unprecedented network of business scholars, and African leaders, “said Caroline Elkins, Professor for Business School Harvard. 

Participants who complete the course will get a verified certificate from HarvardX, Harvard University’s online learning platform.  For more information, visit this site (https://bit.ly/334j74n)

Data Source: Africa.com.

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