Nigeria Ranks Lowest On Affordable Internet
Photo source: Vanguard
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Privacy protection company Surfshark has announced an in-depth analysis on internet affordability. The study was conducted on the basis of 85 countries (81% of the worldwide population). It was concluded that Nigeria ranked lowest among the studied countries.

According to the study, Nigeria has the smallest amount of affordable internet within the world, ranking 85th out of 85 indexed countries in terms of internet affordability and rates below Columbia and Honduras.

Key findings of the study include:

  • Nigerians have to work at least 27 minutes 55 seconds for just 1 GB of mobile internet. The global average time is around 10 minutes.
  • People living in Nigeria need to work 33 hours 42 minutes to afford the most cost effective broadband internet (global average: three hours 48 minutes a month)
  • Households in Africa and the Americans have the least affordable and worst quality internet. It is determined in terms of speed & stability.
  • People who live in Oceania have the most affordable internet access. This has been followed by Asia and Europe.

Source: Vanguard and All Africa news

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