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THE TIMES OF AFRICA, on the occasion of 3rd India Africa Forum Summit produced a Special Supplement on Niger. Niger presents one of the most exciting investment opportunities in Africa today. Niger’s basement is rich in mineral resources. It is jam-packed with large reserves. Niger has oil potential linked with two major sedimentary basins, likely to contain hydrocarbons, which cover 90% of the country (gaseous, liquid or solid). Oil reserves are estimated at more than 700 million tons. As a result Niger is looking for partners to invest in the future of the country as there are many business opportunities in its various sectors. We should really applaud the endeavours of the Government for advancing peace and tolerance as they battle violent extremism along your borders. Their willingness to host over 150,000 refugees and returnees who have fled violence in neighboring countries is a testament to the generosity of the Nigerien people.

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