organic food shopping in Nigeria
Photo source: Africa news
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In Abuja, a supermarket offers organic produce, which is shipped directly from the farm to the buyer. The demand for fresh food and vegetables has increased since the coronavirus infection spread in Nigeria. For Daniel Odi, CEO of the important Farms, the company’s goal is to supply real value and healthy organic food to its customers. 

“The Real Farms supermarket is for people who are health conscious because what we eat determines our health”, said Odi. Fruits and vegetable smoothies or hot salty snacks, all products are made up of fresh locally produced produce. According to a supermarket employee, they receive about 150 orders each day.

“I can’t say that the business has been profitable so far, but there is an incubation period. Our plan is to succeed in providing healthy food for Nigerians, and in doing so we should be able to earn some money to take care of this place and also look out for our investment”, Odi added.

Data source: Africa news

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