Solar eclipse 2020
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Scientists researched along with a narrow band from west Africa to the Arabian Peninsula, India and southern China, all these countries will witness the most dramatic and rarest “ring of fire” solar eclipse to shadow the world in years on Sunday.

This rare ring called Annular eclipses occurs when the Moon – passing between Earth and the Sun – is not close enough to our planet to completely figure out sunlight, leaving a skinny ring of the solar disc visible. It occurs every year or two and can be seen from a narrow path across the planet.

The eclipse arrived on Sunday in the northern hemisphere’s longest day of the year – the summer solstice(21 June) – when Earth’s north pole is tilted most directly towards the Sun. The “ring of fire” will first be seen in northeastern a part of Republic of Congo at 5:56 am just a couple of minutes after the sunrise. This is the purpose of maximum duration, lasting one minute and 22 seconds.

Data source: Florent Delefie(astronomer) Report

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