Senegal: Europe Wants Senegal’s Fish but Rejects Its Migrants
Photo source @All Africa
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There are nearly 500 survivors that are dead and even thousands of survivors on the high seas. These survivors are the young Senegalese who are taking the risk of their lives. They are trying to reach Europe in recent months. A human tragedy continues to unleash itself. The fishing sector in Senegal is going through an unexpected crisis. The European Union (EU) have renewed the fishing agreement with the Senegalese authorities recently. 

As the EU begins to return Senegalese migrants back to their land, it also continues to exploit the country’s fishery resources. This scarcity is partly the cause of the despair of thousands of young Senegalese. Greenpeace Africa has made a call to the EU and Senegalese authorities to address the real causes of this phenomenon. They just want a sustainable solution rather than allowing the situation to worsen by signing this agreement.

Data source: All Africa news

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