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Senegal soccer team maintained their crown in the 2021 African Beach Soccer Cup of Nations as they competed against Mozambique on Saturday in their home city of Saly. Senegal won without trembling in the 10th edition of the CAF with a 4-1 victory and their third successive title.

“Thank goodness we worked hard to achieve our goal and as they assert , the target has been reached but
there’s another objective that everybody knows, it’s time that we enter the aces of the planet Cup.” said Senegal’s goalkeeper Seyni Ndiaye.

Senegal’s striker Raoul Mendy said:
“It’s an excellent satisfaction for us, it had been also a requirement to win this competition we fought for months, during the preparation and everything. So all we had to do was win this trophy tonight. It’s a great satisfaction, it’s different from other competitions anyway. So winning here is really inexplicable. “

Mozambique’s coach said:
“I’m not disappointed, I’m very happy because this is often the primary time Mozambique have qualified for the Africa Cup of countries and that we have defended the country well during this competition.
“But the best team won tonight, Senegal. So I’m very happy because we lost against the simplest team. But next year, we’ll attempt to do better because the CFN is going to play reception . We hope to achieve the same performance and make it to the final.”

Data source: Africa news

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