SES launches Free-To-Air Satellite channel
Steve Collar SES CEO
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The free-to-air TV channel is provided by SES, which offers reliable, insightful content on COVID-19 by millions of households throughout Africa, Europe, and Asia-Pacific Combat COVID-19, a channel, broadcasts contents that seek to provide vital information to underserved and rural communities about ways in which the virus can be controlled. 

This knowledge is provided by software such as UNICEF and AFP, and EdTech’s www. global social enterprise, aimed at educating TV audiences impartially on the detection of COVID-19 symptoms, recovery processes and management of the consequences of global pandemics and social dissociations such as household management, children and mental wellbeing.

The channel will be broadcast free-to-air from SES’s satellite fleet and available in the following regions:

• ASTRA 4A at 5 degrees East for Sub-Saharan Africa

• ASTRA 2F at 28.2 degrees East for West Africa

• ASTRA 4A at 5 degrees East for Ukraine

• NSS-12 at 57 degrees East for Ethiopia and adjacent countries • SES-9 at 108.2 degrees East for the Philippines

“Over the last few months COVID-19 has dislocated our lives, and it doesn’t seem to be gone soon, sadly. Through a global scope, we can make our capital a wise commitment to helping disadvantaged people access valuable knowledge, “said Steve Collar, SES CEO. “We were very happy to collaborate with UNICEF, AFP and, who are willing to contribute their material to this good cause. Together, we aim to reach a wide variety and trustworthy audiences and help slow the spread of COVID-19.”

Data Source: SES

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