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South Africa has lifted some of the rules for Covid-19 and the people in the country. According to the latest regulation announced by the government of South Africa, people now do not have to test themselves or self-isolate if they do not show any symptoms of the virus. Moreover, SA has reduced the number of days required for isolation for Covid positive patients who are showing symptoms, from 10 to seven. 

This step was taken after observing that there has been a rise in the number of people who started developing substantial immunity over the course. In another ban lift announcement, South Africa would be fully reopening schools from Tuesday, a measure taken for the first time since the pandemic hit. Furthermore, the social distancing rule of 3ft is now removed. 

In the coming days, the health and basic education ministries are expected to announce and issue more such directives in light of the drop in Covid-19 cases. 

 The ministry also mentioned that it would end quarantine in the facilities outside the home and scrap contact tracing efforts. According to Deputy Health Minister Sibongiseni Dhlomo, the move for public self-isolation is based on advice by their scientists who now believe that Covid-19 does not have that impact on people anymore. 

Some researchers in South Africa also believe that Omicron, the highly transmissible variant, may have already peaked in the country last month. 

In another step towards its public health safety, South Africa started offering booster shots to the people for the first time on Friday, authorized by Pfizer and Johnson & Johnson. 

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