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It’s the last stretch to Christmas. It is also the end of 2020. The year 2020 which devastated many with the novel coronavirus pandemic. Now what we all need is a few cheers and an honest laugh! In the spirit of giving, Netflix is showing South African romantic comedy, the way to Ruin Christmas: the marriage , which will leave your ribs hurting with belly laughs. It will definitely leave you in stitches. The series contains 3 episodes which tells the story of Tumi Sello (Busi Lurayi), the family rebel and prodigal daughter. They return home from Cape Town to Johannesburg to attend their sister’s Christmas wedding. But her homecoming is crammed with but warm greetings and warnings of not ruining Beauty’s – played by Thando Thabete – big day.

Then what was alleged to be a cheerful day for the 2 families is crammed with chaos. And as expected, Tumi is to blame! Tumi finishes up being the rationale why the marriage gets cancelled. She comes late for her dress fittings, forgets the towels she was alleged to bring and worse gets drunk and sleeps together with her married brother-in-law Themba (Motlatsi Mafatshe), who is also a recovering alcoholic. To make matters worse, she features a stumble and spills that her sister is pregnant which shocks both families and devastates Beauty because it was alleged to be a secret.

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