South Africa top 16 idols
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Finally, we have top 16 competitors for the season. What has over the years been referred to as the final judgement has been given to 31 hopefuls tonight by the Idols, Unathi, Somizi and Randall. 

When 15 candidates, including favourite DJ Matevhu Zinhle, found out that the path was over, 16 of them were put off by the news that they are going to be part of the 16 best contestants who will fight it for the ultimate first prize in the coming weeks. 

“The rivalry for our contestants this year was intense with all the changes they have had to face at Theater Week. Now the future of the candidates lies with you, as you are the viewers, and they will be depending on your votes to make sure they arrive in their next round, starting with our male competitors this coming Sunday. 

Group A of the top 16 will begin live performances on Sunday next week. You will also vote for your vote.

Top 16:

  1. Ntokozo
  2. Zama 
  3. Jerodine
  4. Dee
  5. Ndoni
  6. Melanin
  7. Bongi
  8. Be
  9. Qhawe
  10. Ethan
  11. Mr Music
  12. Succedor
  13. Zahn-Reece
  14. Jooma
  15. Brandon
  16. Sonwabile

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