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The scientists and researchers at the biotechnology company of South Africa announced that they are close to replicating Moderna’s COVID vaccine. The scientists say that they copied the RNA-based vaccine against the COVID virus without Moderna’s involvement. Afrigen Biologics and Vaccines in Cape Town created the vaccine’s microlites based on the Moderna data which is used to make the vaccine shot. 

Therefore, the achievement is considered a milestone in the country and a great initiative to not just build the capacity of vaccines but also expand the prospects of higher access to vaccine shots in the poorer parts of the continent. 

According to vaccine tracking analysis, both Moderna and Pfizer, during the pandemic, sent almost 70% of their vaccines to wealthy nations. However, millions of vaccine orders meant for countries in the global south were delayed. Additionally, when in June, WHO launched the mRNA tech transfer hub in the South Africa region, it asked the vaccine companies BioNTech, Pfizer and Moderna to assist the researchers in the region, but the giant companies did not respond.

Moreover, the vaccines from the United States (Moderna) and German Biotech (Pfizer) are still being sent to rich countries, according to the Who official. Hence, this achievement by the South African biotechnology company will prove a great source of aid to the poorer regions of Africa and beyond.

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