Three Nigerian-Americans Win in U.S. 2020 Elections
Photo source: All Africa
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The Nigerian-american trio, now winners in the elections they stood up in were on the ballot in the November 3 general elections. Their names are Esther Agbaje, Oye Owolewa and Nnamdi Chukwuocha. They have won their electoral bids in the United States elections which took place on Tuesday. Ms Agbaje,  represented District 59B in the Minnesota House of Representatives on the platform of the Democratic Party and won with pride with 17,396 votes.

Alan Shilepsky, who is 35-year-old and graduated from Harvard Law University and Green Party candidate Lisa Neal-Delgado to represent downtown and north Minneapolis in the state House. She is one of the nine Nigerian-Americans contestants who were on the ballot in Tuesday’s election. She was born to Nigerian parents. She is an Episcopal priest and a librarian and became the first Nigerian-American to be elected to the Minnesota legislature.

Data source: All Africa news

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