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The Nigerian administration banned the country’s most popular microblogging platform last week. Nigeria prohibited Twitter because President Muhammadu Buhari had deleted a tweet for violating rules after the microblogging site. The Koo app from India takes advantage of this opportunity. 

Nigeria’s Minister for Culture and Information, Lai Mohammad, has recently interacted with the media and has revealed that Twitter has held a senior management meeting to resolve this matter at the earliest possible opportunity.

When the minister discussed the ban lifting on Twitter, he said Twitter had to register first in Nigeria as a company. He said that the broadcasting commission must “be licensed by the broadcasting commission and must agree not to allow anyone to use the platform to promote activities that are inimical to the corporate existence of Nigeria.”

Koo started out in India a couple of months ago as an alternative to Twitter. Several officials from the Indian government join Koo and regularly use the platform. Twitter users were urged to join homegrown Koo application by the Indian government. Both Google Play store and App Store offer the application. More than 5000000 users in India download Koo

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