Uganda elections 2021
Photo source: Al Jazeera
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On January 9 it emerged that Facebook had removed many accounts of Yoweri Museveni supporters in Uganda. Some accounts belong to blogs affiliated with the ruling party government and others belong to people working for ministries.

“This month, we removed a network of accounts and Pages in Uganda that engaged in CIB to target public debate ahead of the election. They used fake and duplicate accounts to manage Pages, comment on other people’s content, impersonate users, re-share posts in Groups to make them appear more popular than they were,” a Facebook spokesperson stated to Quartz Africa in their report.

Both interested parties have their eyes on the changing impact and importance of social media on politics and governance. Twitter and Facebook also had not allowed US President Donald Trump to use their sites to incite his supporters, the last few days of his presidency. Twitter’s suspension had been upgraded into a permanent ban.

Data source: QZ

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