US Supports Democratic Elections in Ethiopia
USAID Mission Director,Sean Jones and NEBE Chairwoman Birtukan Midekssa singing memorandum of understanding. Photo : Courtesy of US embassy in Addis Ababa. (Photo Source:
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A memorandum of understanding for a new $30.4 million initiative in support of forthcoming national election was agreed by the US and Ethiopian National Election Board (NEBE). The new USAID Election and Political Process Program, which will allow NEBE officials to coordinate, manage and administer free and fair elections, was jointly unveiled by the Mission Director Sean Jones and NEBE president Birtukan Midekssa.

Under the collaboration the US support will use technology to increase public awarship for elections and to encourage active engagement of all citizens in the political process — with a focus on women, young people and other historically marginalized groups. U.S. support will be focused on Ethiopian media. In turn, USAID and its partners will improve Civil Society organizations and the political parties in Ethiopia’s capacity to more efficiently address the needs of all Ethiopians.

The USAID Director for Ethiopia Missions, Sean Jones said, “These elections are for the people of Ethiopia and we are proud that we are accepted as a collaborator in supporting free and fair elections and ensuring that the Ethiopians ‘ voices are heard in each part of the country as this country goes on its extraordinary journey.”

The United StatesID Election and Political Proceedings Program is being established in collaboration with the National Democratical Institute for International Affairs (NDI), the IRI, Internews, the International Foundation for the Systems of Elections (IFES), and the Electoral Institute for Sustainable Democracy (EIP). The Consortium for Electing and Political Process Strengthening (CEFPS)

Data Source: U.S. Department of State

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