Fawas Adeoye
Photo credit: lady in the mask represents Coronavirus
Photo source: Reuters
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Fawas Adeoye, a 28-year-old artist in Nigeria is taking a step to inspire the youth of the country through Graffiti art in Lagos Suburb. He has been painting for more than 12 years.

Adeoye shared his work and said, “The graffiti art with the lady with the face mask is actually about the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. My graffiti art is strictly about educating people about and enlightening them. I see a lot of things happening in the environment, I feel like I’m in the right position to like educate people through my art and my craft. This is Mushin, this is where I stay and I feel like there’s a lot going on there, I need to like inspire people with my craft and that’s exactly what I am doing here”

Each spray costs about $2.6 in Lagos. The graffiti artist uses at least 12-15 cans on an average painting. He supports his passion by using spray cans from commissioned jobs. But sometimes he has to buy some spray cans of his own cash to finish his personal projects.

Data source: Africa News

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