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Namibian cosmetics products exhibited at Vivaness 2020 Photo Source:
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At the Vivaness 2020 organic and natural cosmetics exhibition, 10 small and medium-sized companies represented Namibia in Germany, where from 12 to 15 February 2020 the exhibitors displayed beauty products manufactured in Namibia. The group participated on the fair,under co-sponsorship of the Namibian Network of the Cosmetics Industry (NANCI), the “promotion of advisory and economic development services” by Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit GmbH and the Department of Industrialisation, Trade and SME Growth. NANCi, a network that supports the local beauty and healthcare industry, is a direct result of a public-private partnership that has helped to promote the Home Strategy for development initiated by the Department of Trade in November 2016.

The Vivaness trade fair said Nara Namibia Natural Cosmetics was inspiring. The Vivaness fair is one of the world’s largest and most important trade fairs. “We were able to see our Namibia offering in the context of the international health and beauty products´ market. And I can proudly state that cosmetics made in Namibia are competitive in the global market,” she said. Hümmer said: “The global market has moved away from simply labelling our products under ´fair trade´ and recognises African products under ´real trade´. Meeting our buyers – new and current – at the same level is refreshing and provides impetus to cosmetics made in Namibia to forge ahead in the global market.” NANCi’s aims to grow and encourage a health and beauty industry in Namibia inclusive, diverse, sustainable and vibrant. 

The delegation addressed accredited health and beauty products, both natural and organic. All the product categories mentioned included refined marula, ximene, melon kalahari and jojoba seeds; health products such as devil’s claw tea and food supplements; and Namibian cosmetic end products, which included novel ingredients such as salt and charcoal powder. This 10 small and medium-sized enterprises represented cut deals which would increase Namibia’s international footprint, bring the required foreign currency home and generate direct and indirect employment, especially in rural Namibia.

Data Source: Embassy of Namibia

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