Joseph Hammond
Photo Credit: Private Joseph Hammond fought in World War II for Britain, like thousands of Africans
Photo Source: Al Jazeera News
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A 95-year-old veteran of the Second World War in Ghana walked 23 kilometres in a week to collect funds for healthcare workers battling the coronavirus pandemic.

Every day, Joseph Hammond walked 3.2kilometers to meet his goal earlier this week on Africa Day in Ghana ‘s capital, Accra. He has raised almost $26,000 as of Thursday.

Hammond fought the battle for great Britain as thousands of Africans who were then under colonial rule.”I fought in the war which ended 75 years ago. Now we are faced with another invisible war – COVID-19,” Hammond said in a video message on his JustGiving crowdfunding page.Hammond said his aim was to raise 500,000 pounds ($613,000) to support “vulnerable veterans and the front-line workers all involved to kick away COVID-19 from Africa”.

Data Source: Al Jazeera News

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