Angola: Sale of raw diamonds gets executive approval

  • July 17, 2018

Luanda, Angola, July 17, 2018/- The policy of commercialization of rough diamonds, to be implemented by the Angolan Executive, was approved recently by the Council of Ministers. The idea is to ensure an effective system and greater transparency to the process of buying and selling these precious stones.

According to the final communiqué of the meeting, the collegial body also approved the Annual Report on the Degree of Execution of the National Plan of Geology (Planageo) 2017.

This is a balance sheet document which contains data on the activities carried out in the period from January to December 2017 within the scope of this structuring project.

The Council of Ministers, the National Program for the Training and Management of Teaching Personnel, has also been endorsed, which sets out the objectives and corresponding policy measures, as well as the respective Action Plan. This instrument includes the programming and implementation phases, as well as the budget forecast included in the National Development Plan 2018/2022.

In the field of health, the Legal Regimes of the Career of Diagnostic and Therapeutic Professionals have been approved; of the Hospital Support Personnel Career; of the Nursing Career; and Medical Career. At the meeting, the Council of Ministers approved, for submission to the National Assembly, the proposed Law amending the Securities Code.

The members of the Executive also appreciated the proposed Law on the Organization, Exercise and Operation of Outbound, Fair Market and Market Banking Activities, as well as the proposed resolutions approving the Accession of the Republic of Angola to the Convention on Assistance in Case of Nuclear Accident or Radiological Emergency.

The list continues with the Convention on Nuclear Safety and its Amendment and the Convention on the Physical Protection of Nuclear Material. They complement the framework, the Code of Conduct on Security and Protection of Radioactive Sources, the Convention on Nuclear Damage Compensation; and the Cooperation Agreement between the Government of the Republic of Angola and the Government of the Republic of Zambia in the field of Security and Public Order.

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