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Economic Impact of COVID-19 on Africa

With all the major world economies going into recession due to COVID-19 not even a single nation across the world has remained unscathed. With almost the entire world on an...




WHO: Africa COVID19 Status

Over 444,000 confirmed COVID-19 cases on the African continent – with more than 214,000 recoveries & 10,800 deaths. View country figures & more with the WHO African Region COVID-19 Dashboard:...



Kenya to ease lockdown for a phase, after months

Kenyan president has announced to ease lockdown for a phase after months for the country’s ailing economy. He has decided to reopen international flights from 1st August and also to...



Effects on the Fashion Industry of Africa during COVID19

Ivorian designer Ibrahim Fernandez is currently depending on home delivery services to continue his sales. Social media applications like Instagram, Facebook, Youtube and TikTok have shown their importance during this...


Ugandan campaigners seek to rename Kampala’s streets

Streets across Uganda are still named after British colonial soldiers, like Major-General Henry Colville and Lord Frederick Lugard, a campaign started by Ugandans to rename street names in Uganda’s capital,...