AU, a group of ‘brothers who do each other favours’: Julius Malema

  • May 3, 2019

South Africa’s opposition leader, Julius Malema, said that the African Union, the way it stands today, was close to useless.

“The African Union (consists) of brothers who do each other favours; who don’t tell each other the truth, right in front of each other’s’ faces and say you are wrong here, you are wrong there,” Malema of the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) party said during an interview with state-owned news agency SABC.

While presenting the EFF’s campaign ahead of the May 8 General Elections, he emphasized that the youth needs to fight for borderless Africa and create one country out of this continent called “United States of Africa with one President, one Currency, with one Continental Parliament.”

“It is a meeting of friends who don’t have a clear agenda of what they want to do with the continent. They are unable to call each other to order. They are enjoying the privileges that come with the so-called Presidency of smaller countries,” Malema added.

On being asked the cause behind the failure in uniting the states of the continent, Malema said that Africa is not the culprit.

“The biggest culprit is not Africa. It is the west, the imperialists, the colonizers, who enjoy the divisions in Africa. Because the more we continue to see each other through countries, the more they exploit our resources. A united Africa is a threat to imperialism and colonialism. They (western powers) will never agree to it.”

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