An easy contraceptive method tested in Uganda

  • February 8, 2017

An easy self-injectable contraceptive method is being tested in the regions of Uganda. This self-injectable injection is easy to use and would certainly prove to be a boon for the healthcare industry. In Uganda, unplanned pregnancies are very common. According to the 2011 Uganda Demographic and Health Survey, more than four in 10 births are unplanned. Getting the access to the contraceptives is a difficult task, especially in Uganda.

According to Sara Tifft, PATH Reproductive Programme health Officer, women face numerous challenges while accessing contraception. Some of the major challenges includes, access to contraceptives, as some of them live far away from healthcare services. Lack of proper information is also one of the biggest challenges here. They don’t know about the methods and the proper way to use them.

The injection has been developed by US global a non-profit organisation PATH in collaboration with Sayana Press. It is a three-month progestin injection that can be administered by health care providers, or even women themselves. It is still in the testing phase. Along with being easily self-injectable, it is affordable too.

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