For the first time in history, Somalia and Eritrea build a bilateral diplomatic relationship

  • July 31, 2018

For the first time, Somalia and Eritrea have established a bilateral diplomatic relationship and strong partnership in several areas.

The President of the Federal Republic of Somalia, H.E. Mr. Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed “Farmaajo”, had arrived in Asmara on Saturday morning for a three-day official visit during which he met with his Eritrean counterpart H.E. Mr. Isaias Afwerki.

The meeting of the two presidents marked a historic event in the Horn of Africa region, during which they discussed a number of security and political issues as well as the major international and regional topics.

President Mohamed Abdullahi is the first Somali president to visit Eritrea, which was founded in 1993.

Historically, Somalia has stood with the Eritrean people more than one place and supported them diplomatically and politically in the international arena, and this was a striking example of the unique relationship between the people of the two countries.

A joint declaration was released by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Somalia, recognizing the deep bonds of friendship between the people of Eritrea and Somalia.

The Governments of Eritrea and Somalia reached the following points of agreements: –

  1. Somalia is endowed with a strategic location and vast human and natural resources. However, it has been hampered in realizing its potential due to internal problems and external interventions. Thus, Eritrea strongly supports the political independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity of Somalia to restore the country’s rightful stature and to achieve the lofty aspirations of its people.

  1. Somalia and Eritrea will endeavour to forge intimate political, economic, social, cultural as well as defence and security cooperation.

  1. The two countries will establish diplomatic relations and exchange ambassadors, promote bilateral trade and investment, as well as educational and cultural exchanges.

Eritrea and Somalia will work in unison to foster regional peace, stability and economic integration.

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