Gambia’s Jammeh tells Barrow, ‘Allah is telling me my time is up.’

  • December 4, 2016

Gambia’s President who ruled for 22 years finally accepted his defeat on state television Friday night. He promised to step down hours after news of the results prompted thousands to celebrate in the streets in an unprecedented show of dislike for his rule. Yahya Jammeh called the winner, opposition coalition leader Adama Barrow and praised the election.

President Jammeh, a man who is known for heading a government that tortured opponents and silenced all opposition sounded happy on the call. He promised to help Barrow through the transition period before retiring to his home village to begin a new life as a farmer. Gambians are stunned by this turn of events.

Gambian activist Pasamba Jow called up from Washington and said the election was a “great victory” for the country and the entire African continent. Omar Amadou Jallow, an opposition leader for the People’s Progressive Party, which joined the coalition that backed Barrow said, “We are happy to be free. We are able to free the Gambian people from the clutches of dictatorship, and we are now going to make sure Gambia becomes a bastion of peace and coalition. Our foundation will be based on national reconciliation.”

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