Kenya plays host to the first Mr. and Miss Albinism beauty pageant.

  • October 25, 2016

Kenya takes a stand to change the perception of people of albino population by hosting a Mr and Miss Albinism beauty pageant on Africa Human Rights Day.

Albinism Society of Kenya (ASK), organized the event with a hope that it would stimulate the inclusion of people with albinism, who are ill-treated for their different condition.

As a result, a UN special envoy earlier this year declared that the cruelty render people with albinism “an endangered people group facing a risk of systemic extinction over time if nothing is done to stem the tide”.

“Persons with albinism are extremely excited about this first ever Mr and Miss Albinism. It has never happened before and they have an opportunity to showcase what they got and I can assure you it’s something,” MP Isaac Mwaura for Special Interest Group, and ASK’s National Coordinator told local press.

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