Mali’s Dense Bamako Danse festival ends its 13th edition

  • November 29, 2016

‘Dense Bamako Danse’, The 13th edition of Mali’s renowned international dance festival,  lived up to its purpose of reviving Malian and African cultures while capturing the attention of the most remote populations.

The essence of Dense Bamako Danse’ is to showcase the work of an emerging generation of African dancers and choreographers in a festival that brings modern African dance to the people.

The festival comprises street art, puppetry, gymnastics, and choreographed dance in a tribute to women.

Beyond the simple history and the feelings that convey these different choreographies, the question of a woman’s place in society is central.

Some African women are subjected to several ill treatments: widowhood rites, forced marriages, and unwanted pregnancies. The festival also wants to be an educational platform for women and girls.

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