• March-April 2015

    March-April 2015

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    Ghana is, in reality, a country that gives prodigious prominence and honour to their national symbols, the most significant symbol, by far, is supposed to be a BLACK STAR. It is the black star that symbolizes the nation's superiority and pan-African harmony; such principles were significant during Ghana's fight for independence from the British. On its 58th Anniversary of Independence, THE TIMES OF AFRICA in its endeavor has highlighted the achievements made by the country till date. All of its accelerated development efforts have been geared towards giving special advantage to accelerate agricultural and aquaculture development through modernization. The process of modernization, involving the use of improved seed varieties, greater access to tractor services and training of peasant and small holder farmers on productivity enhancements, has resulted in dramatic increases in maize, rice, and cassava production in the last four years. Read to believe!!



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