Money-saving Spazapp launched

  • March 20, 2017

Spaza store owners can now rejoice as a Durban-based tech company has launched a money-saving app called Spazapp for empowering traders and disadvantaged communities.

Spazapp Chief Executive Officer, Tim Strang commented, “Spazapp’s mission is to uplift thousands of families and youth by empowering those trading in the informal sector with free, smart trading technology. We’ve found a niche tech-solution to real problems – through Spazapp, informal traders can now lower the cost of essential groceries sold by placing orders for free directly from large suppliers without having to shut down their store, pay for transport, or miss out on bulk buying savings because of cash flow constraints.”

“Spazapp fits our mandate. We aim to invest in companies that are using technology to disrupt the industries they are operating in and opening new ways of doing business. We have experience in distribution in our investment company, and we believe that Spazapp provides a much-needed solution which is viable and scalable,” stated Ross Jenvey, Director of Kingson Capital Partners.

Jason Bygate, the Chief Executive Officer of Engage concluded, “Spazapp is proving to be a social enterprise that is an innovative commercial enabler for inclusive, sustainable job creation, combining profitability with social impact. It’s exciting to start seeing these solutions come to life through the local tech industry. By essentially re-engineering the distribution value chain, Spazapp’s dynamic platform is empowering communities at the base of the pyramid and making markets work for the poor.”

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