Moroccans fiery reaction to the unfortunate death of a fish seller

  • November 5, 2016

The  unfortunate death of a fish seller Mouhcine Fikri who was crushed by a garbage truck, continues to create waves in the Moroccan politics. The young fishseller Fikri was crushed to death by the truck’s dustbin compressor while trying to get back his merchandise that had been confiscated by the police.

Many Moroccans have openly criticised the attitude of the authorities of the kingdom. At the time of this tragedy, a member of the Democratic Federation left wing Omar Balafrej, condemns the actions posed by the Moroccan authorities. To this the Moroccan State has replied, “Yes, there is an investigation which is in process of being made. In my view, this is not sufficient. It is not only when there is tragedies that we must react. I hope that this will create a click, but there will be a large debate, what is called a large debate on the social contract of Moroccan becoming a democratic State, that guarantee in medium term to have a state where all Moroccan citizens are treated fairly,” he said.

The unfortunate incident happened on Friday night in the city of Al Hoceima. Huge level localized protests has spread to Marrakech and other parts of Morocco like wildfire. On Sunday, two government officials visited Fikri’s grieving family and conveyed the condolences. In the later half of that day, Fikri’s funeral was held, with hundreds of people walking behind his coffin to the burial site.

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