Now just relax: Tesla car self-drives

  • October 24, 2016

An advanced hardware is now put in all Tesla cars that will make it to drive on its own.

Tesla pioneered cameras, sensors and radars for its technology to elevate but still it requires lots more unpretentious approaches in the years before it becomes fully self-driving.

The equipped functionalities within Tesla was Autopilot system, used as auto-braking, allowing the self-drive purpose to fall in place.

Now it is momentarily disabling the feature of Autopilot in the new car models, as a curvet leap into “robust” testing with its recent system.

Elon Musk, founder of Tesla added, “The hardware equipped inside the car works like a super-computer but it would totally depend on customers seeks that they will want in this new advancement and they are to decide when this self-driving vehicle comes on road.”

He said, it makes sense to develop a technology of self-driving at present time. They are trying to retrofit the hardware in the posterior step and buying this new vehicle would be high cost for its consumers.

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