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    October 2016

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    Volume 8 Issue 9

    Oct 2016 edition of the Times of Africa, with its elegantly redesigned and revamped presentation calls attention to content offering a vast array of information from Africa. This edition is a distillation of the pre-eminent subject matter manifesting its essence in the topic of Growth and Development transpiring in various sectors such as business, agriculture, sports, hospitality, health and much more. The Cover story speaks of BRICS Summit 2016, hosted by India this year, highlighting agenda and vision of the BRICS community. Africa has created a name for itself in the sports world with its outstanding performance in Paralympics 2016. Our story about Paralympics gives an insight about the triumphant sportspersons and their achievements in the games this year. This issue also accentuates the state of agricultural sector and its vital role in the growth and development of the African continent. Why Africa should invest in its young leaders? Who are the most influential and successful young entrepreneurs of Africa? Find out with The Times of Africa. Explore and enhance your knowledge with us…



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