The film ‘I Am Bolt’ brings to motion the unheard story of the athlete

  • November 30, 2016

Usain Bolt, the Jamaican sprint sensation now has a documentary on his life, titled “I am Bolt “. The movie was premiered on Monday.

The daily life of Bolt, both as an athlete and outside the tracks and training grounds is honestly depicted in the documentary. It also has footage from Bolt’s youth and interviews with family members, friends and coach.

The production team followed Bolt during his last three Olympic Games in Beijing, London and Rio.

“It’s not easy, I think the idea that most people have of me is that oh, Usain, it’s easy for Usain, there’s no stress. People like to say when they see me, like, oh, you do it with ease, but that’s not the case, so I wanted to show what I went through to get here today. When I watched the movie it was so good, because I could feel all the emotions all through the viewing, I relived my life again, and that’s why I’m so proud of what they did, because they brought out everything I wanted them to immortalize,” Bolt said.

The nine-time Olympic sprint gold medalist became the first person to win three consecutive 100 and 200 meters Olympic golds in Rio de Janeiro last summer and is a world record holder in the two disciplines, can also be seen talking about his nerves and fears ahead of a race.

“I could feel all emotions throughout everything, like I was reliving my life again when I was watching that,” said Bolt.

Bolt agreed to make this film after realizing that he would be able to convince both his fans and his detractors that what they see on the track is what they would get if they tagged along with him on a typical day. The 30-year-old athlete says he will not be disconnected from sports and will get more involved in charities.

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