Tunisia’s tourism upsurges after massive threats of 2015

  • October 10, 2017

Tunisia’s tourism is surging up, leaving behind the black memories of the attack by an Islamist militant in June, 2015. The Islamist shot dead 39 foreigners and the attack severely hindered the economic growth of the country.

Central Bank’s data attribute this growth to the presence of massive security and active overseas advertising campaigns. These strategies have helped in elevating the revenue of the sector by 21 percent to $851.06 million in the first nine months of 2017 compared to last year.

Tourism contributes about 8 percent to the gross domestic product of Tunisia and is primarily responsible for generating employment and is one of the major sources of foreign currency. The tourism sector struggled hard to get back on track again after the two major attacks in 2015.

A huge number of western tourists are visiting the country and most of the countries have lifted the travel warnings to Tunisia.

Tourist beach town Steigenberger Kantaoui Bay in Sousse, situated approximately 150Kms south of the capital Tunis reopened this summer after undergoing a makeover, which also includes abandoning the old name” Imperial Marhaba”.

Tunisia has taken some serious steps to strengthen their tourism sector, the security has been reviewed in Sousse and other major tourist destinations. Several checkpoints have been established on the main roads and at hotels.

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