Two killed in a failed suicide attack near a mosque in Maiduguri

  • February 1, 2017

Two people got killed in a failed suicide attack by a suicide bomber near a mosque in Dalori Quarters in Maiduguri Borno state north-east Nigeria. The incident took place on Tuesday early morning as the mosque was full with people for the morning prayers. A girl child, while trying to enter the mosque was stopped by a local vigilante after being suspected. Bomber intended to target the people in the mosque, who gathered there for the morning prayers.

Bello Dan Batta, Representative of Borno State Emergency Management Agency (SEMA) said that bomber was stopped from gaining the acces into the mosque by one of our security guards. One of the worshippers said that the bomber detonated the bomb outside the mosque when the security guard overpowered her, and the blast killed both of them.

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