Two SADC governments move to revive Tazara

  • June 16, 2016

The governments of TANZANIA and ZAMBIA are working to revive operations of the TANZANIA-ZAMBIA Railway Authority, TAZARA. Transport and Communications Minister KAPEMBWA SIMBAO of ZAMBIA says his country has released more than 11-MILLION US dollars to clear salary arrears for between OCTOBER 2015 and this APRIL.

He says the government disbursed the money in FEBRUARY this year, when it also paid packages of 746 retired employees from the same amount.

Minister SIMBAO says part of the grant was also used towards dismantling a fuel debt which had accumulated over the last 10 years.

He has told a media conference in the capital, LUSAKA, the ZAMBIAN Government has further employed a new Managing Director expected to spearhead operations of TAZARA.

On the other hand, Minister SIMBAO says the government of TANZANIA has also released 20-MILLION-800-THOUSAND US dollars to pay salaries for the TANZANIAN workers.

The ZAMBIAN Transport Minister says the authorities in TANZANIA and ZAMBIA are committed to ensuring TAZARA is revived./Sabanews/cam

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