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Activists celebrate world refill day on June 16th. Plastic debris can still be found in our surroundings and to reduce it and plastic pollution the global public awareness campaign is introduced and encourages people to reuse their containers, whether it be cups or bottles.

According to sources, Oceana Director of global strategic initiatives Anne Schroeer said that “The problem is really that recycling is not the solution. Refill and reuse is really a fantastic solution,” So, when you think about bottles, there are about 500,000,000 plastic bottles that are coming to the market every single year. It’s five hundred million billion bottles worldwide that are in the markets and 34 billion of that, according to Oceana’s estimations, are ending up in the ocean every single year. So, a refillable bottle is refilled 20 to 50 times, so you can imagine that’s directly a reduction of plastic of 95%”.

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