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As Level 3 alerts the Home Affairs Department continues to balance the need to give access to authorizing documents and to ensure a safe environment in which our employees and visitors can interact. The Department of Internal Affairs, by appointment, provides marriage services during level 3 warning and receives requests for late birth registration. In addition to the services offered at level 4, namely:

Issuance of uncollected Identity Documents
Issuance of temporary identity certificates
Registration of births and deaths
Reissue of birth and death certificates
Issuance of passports to those in export and cargo transport

Home Affairs offices open from 08:30 to 15:30 Monday to Friday. For marriages, couples have to book their appointment by calling their closest office for internal affairs. On the day of marriage, couples are asked to visit our offices only with their witnesses to minimize the number of people. The filing for the Late Birth Registration (LRB) applies to an application submitted on the birth registry after 30 days of that kind of birth.

Children born during the lockdown will not follow the LRB process. This includes children born since 26 February 2020, who were unable to register due to the lock-down. A total of 133 251 births have been recorded between 27 March 2020 and 28 May 2020. Over 27 000 children were each registered during this period by Gauteng and KwaZulu-Natal. There were 68 768 recorded deaths.

A total of 55 761 temporary certificates of identity have been awarded, which indicate a strong demand for such certificates as is the case for birth certificate re-emissions. In total there have been replaced 51,844 birth certificates. 475 passports for export and cargo transport were issued in order to promote economic activity and food security.

It cleared only 66 665 smart ID cards that have not been collected. This is a drop in the ocean given that there are over 411 000 unrecovered smart ID cards. The Department invites citizens whose intelligent identifiers are still not collected to visit offices where they have applied to collect their valuable intelligent identity – their identity is their identity ..

Every office has been disinfected. People visiting our offices are asked to wear masks and to comply with protocols for social distance within and outside offices. The Inspection Board ensures that undocumented or illegal nationals detained are subject to deportation in connection with coordinated security operations. The offices of refugee reception remain closed. Nevertheless, licenses issued lawfully and revoked during lock-down are considered valid until 31 July 2020. In SA and in missions abroad during Level 3 lock-down, no visa or permit functions are available.

Data Source: Republic of South Africa: Department of Government Communication and Information

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