Solar panels installed in Rwamagana District
Photo credit: Solar panels installed in Rwamagana District.
Photo source: Timothy Kisambira/The New Times
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The U.S. has laid out an ambitious agenda for a clean energy revolution that will require tons more of everything from solar panels to electric vehicles to wind turbines. African countries are already a serious source for a few of those elements. Renewable energy infrastructure also requires large amounts of copper as according to the National Mining Association, 4.7 plenty of copper enters each typical turbine. The Obama administration is aiming for a zero-net economy by 2050 and wants to achieve a carbon pollution-free power sector by 2035. The African continent has a crucial role to play, especially the central region round the Great Lakes. Projects which are under development are maybe even more important than existing production and existing mines are within the declining phases of their life cycles.

Ivanhoe’s Kamoa-Kakula project within the DRC contains 38 million plenty of copper, twice the quantity of the second-placed Pebble Mine. There is also increased demand anticipated for iron, a metal humankind has worked with for since the center Bronze Age. The world’s largest–and, by many estimates, the world’s highest-quality–untapped ore deposits are to be found in Guinea. The African continent will play an increasingly strategic role by providing critical material inputs to the availability chain, writes John Defterios of the Africa Foundation. The continent has the potential to become a major copper and iron ore exporter, he says. It will provide a far better coordination between the general public and personal sectors, says Defterio. It also provides African countries with an unprecedented opportunity for growth and development, he adds. The Africa Foundation is a non-profit organisation that promotes environmental and human development in Africa.

Data source: Atlantic Council Africa Center

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