Al-shabab coronavirus centre in Somalia
Photo credit: Al-shabab has risks of covid-19
Photo source: Reuters
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Al  Shabaab, Somalia’s Islamist group had set up a COVID-19 treatment centre in the country, claiming that the disease has posed a threat to their lives and urged people with symptoms to seek medical help, citing international health authorities on Friday.

International health organisations said, “COVID-19 is terribly spreading in countries of Africa continent and Al Shabaab’s coronavirus prevention and treatment authorities have opened a COVID-19 centre to seek the solution.” The forces said in a broadcasting radio in Andalus, adding the centre had been set up in Jilib, about 380 kilometres (236 miles) south of the capital Mogadishu.

In the broadcast, Sheikh Mohamed Bali thanked al-Shabab for setting up the centre and asked the people who show the symptoms related to the virus to report to the centre. According to sources as of Sunday, the East African country has reported 2,579 cases and 87 deaths.

Data source: Somalia Report

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