Dina el Mofty Injaz Egypt founder
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About Dina el Mofty:

Recognised as one of Egypt’s most influential entrepreneurs, Dina el Mofty Career as an entrepreneur is enviable. But before she created a successful business and impacted the lives of many young people, her decision to become an entrepreneur wasn’t as grandiose as one might think. “I just wanted to do something that had a purpose and had an impact. It wasn’t about entrepreneurship. I was very passionate about education at the time,” she says. So, starting her own business at 24 seemed like a good launching point.

About Injaz Egypt

Injaz Egypt is a non-profit organisation empowering youth to reach their full potential by becoming employees and entrepreneurs. By delivering hands-on educational programs in Financial Literacy, Work Readiness, and Entrepreneurship, Injaz partners with businesses and educational institutions across the country to supplement school curriculums with programs designed to expand the potential of students and young graduates. Establishing an organisation like Injaz is no easy feat. At the time of starting the business, 24-year-old Dina had recently gotten married and was pregnant with her first baby. Technically, she had two babies on the way.

A year after Injaz was launched, Dina was joined by Dahlia Helaly, who started off working as a temp in the business, later becoming a partner. With two women heading such an organisation came a set of challenges, namely that they were young and female.

Dina’s enthusiasm for entrepreneurship is evident in her work at Injaz and it’s one of the main reasons she believes the entrepreneurial mindset should be encouraged. Even if she does believe that not everyone can become an entrepreneur.

In her view, “It’s a character thing. I like promoting entrepreneurship because it really helps with your mindset when you are younger. Having an entrepreneurial mindset will help you overcome any challenges or problems you might face later on in life.”

In terms of becoming an entrepreneur, Dina had this to say: “It’s a fantastic opportunity to have your own thing. Not everyone is going to be as driven or willing to suffer for their business. Of course, entrepreneurship can be taught. But it’s not for everyone.”

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