Anzisha prize Jessy Bityeki
Photo Credit: Jessy Bityeki
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When Jessy Bityeki decided to become an entrepreneur at the age of 24, her mother was sceptical. To placate her mother, Jessy worked at a big corporation while running her business Queen Service –a service company selling telecommunications equipment. 

In 2004, Jessy was an employee at a telecommunications company. After noticing the growing need amongst customers for telecommunications such as routers, computers etc. she saw it as an opportunity to provide the equipment. 

In 2016, when she decided to resign and focus solely on her business. You would think that after 12 years of running Queen Service her mother would’ve warmed up to the fact that entrepreneurship was what Jessy was truly passionate about. That same year, Jessy transitioned Queen Service into “Vox-Pop,” a digital marketing agency. 

With a deep desire to improve her community coupled with a ‘can-do’ attitude, Jessy’s transition into entrepreneurship has been a journey of both self-discovery and an eagerness to try new things. When reflecting on why she started she had this to say: “Entrepreneurship is something you feel. But you have so many questions and doubts plaguing your mind that eventually, you reach a point where you have to just try.”

As she’s grown her business acumen skills, she is quick to highlight the power of networking. “I wished I had known when I was younger what it meant to keep people in your circle. I was overconfident and thought I could do everything myself,” she says laughing lightly. “That is not how business works. Networking can fling open some doors you thought were closed.”

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