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Youth Day is a public holiday in the Republic of Cabo Verde on June 1st.

Youth Day (Dia da Criança in Portuguese) is a commemoration of the importance of young Cape Verdeans in the country’s current and future prosperity. Cape Verde’s most recent census found that half of the country’s population is under the age of 24. This puts Cape Verdean youth at the center of government programs, which the administration has identified and prioritized.

The United Nations (UN) established World Children’s Day on June 1st, 1950, at the request of the International Democratic Federation of Women, to emphasize that every child, regardless of sex, race, or creed, deserves to have their rights recognized. Moldova, Mongolia, Romania, and Uzbekistan are the other nations that celebrate International Children’s Day with a public holiday.

It’s worth noting that the United Nations’ International Youth Day is August 12th, while other countries celebrate a Children’s Day or a Youth Day on days other than International Youth Day or International Children’s Day.

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