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The meteorological department forecast has highlighted that Batsirai, the tropical cyclone, is increasing in its intensity and is expected to pass Zimbabwe. It had already passed through the north of the Indian Ocean island nation of Mauritius and will make landfall in Madagascar by Saturday afternoon. 

The rains and thunderstorms are expected to continue until the weekend. Addressing the severity of damage caused by Batsirai, an advisory from the meteorological department has been announced. However, the department has mentioned in their advisory that the cyclone has weakened and is at its minimum stage. 

Despite the weakening of the cyclone, the meteorology directorate has warned seafarers while alerting cyclone alerts. This advisory was issued by the meteorological department two days after CSC (Climate Services Centre) of the regional bloc Sadc of Southern Africa. CSC informed that heavy rainfall would be triggered by the Batsirai cyclone.

The Batsirai cyclone has caused power outages in many parts of affected areas but has escaped major damage. The World Meteorological Organization had warned Africa late last year that the continent is likely to face challenges, including severe cyclones in the coming years. 

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