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4 teams will compete within the game which involves skating and basketball scoring. Accra Sunrisers will play Welts RBC. And Cape Coast Roll Ball play Litz RBC. The battle for the grand trophy is going to be tough because the four great teams contest, yet just one will emerge winner and choose the grand throne.

The 18th Anniversary battle for the last word Kings are going to be live on the 20th March, 2021, at the Deon Recreational Center (DRC). Don’t miss out on the strongest battle. Mr Gameli, Roll Ball Ghana President said “With the presence of Roll Ball in all the sixteen regions in Ghana, its like promoting intercultural relationship, peace and national unity.”

“Our game empowers communities and supports schools in providing numerous sports and business opportunities for both the youth and therefore the public at large. It also keeps idle students busy in sports so they do not engage in unproductive activities such as drug abuse, armed robbery and immoral activities” he said.

Data source: Ghana Roll Ball

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