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Agriculture is the largest landscape providing employment to the people of Africa and forms the prime livelihood across the continent. As this economic backbone thrives with the growing population, various web-based portals have entered the agricultural domain to provide it with a streamlined and smooth ecosystem. These portals of the likes of Africa Agriculture Watch, Knowledge bank, Digital green, Agritech, etc. are born with the aim to target farmers of the entire nation to leverage the strength of information through a web-based approach. 

Its single-window e-governance approach would centrally facilitate the diffusion of information like market prices, schemes, problem analyzing, and solution-based approach, to the farmers who do not have access to it. 

In a country where most farmers fall into the category of low literacy index, it remains a challenge to culminate the information and disseminate it across the nation. Accelerating the momentum towards the empowerment of farmers, the level of understanding, and overcoming the basic bottleneck is a task in need of attention addressed by web-based portals across the African continent. With internet services restricted in the absence of awareness, this allows the farmers across Africa to explore the benefits of such web-based portals.

The web-based portal offers the farmers of Africa the wholesale prices of a plethora of commodities amongst other benefits in a single-window platform. The vitality of the right information about the wholesale price of commodities, their arrival, has manifold benefits to a farmer. Working on a centralized information system and reaching out to farmers, updating them on schemes they would benefit from is what web-based portals are paced towards. It is achieving farmer empowerment through speedy market information diffusion and collection in a timely fashion across the nation. With a multitude of wholesale markets connect to these portals, it has laid a huge platform open for farmers to choose the price that suits them. Amongst others, this portal is disseminating information like grades and standards of commodities, Market Profiles, Research Studies, and companies involved in contract farming.

Key Benefits under the e-governance of web-based portals:

  • This web portal is enhancing efficiency in agricultural marketing by impeding the language barrier and regular training in the local language.
  • It is the establishment of e-commerce in agricultural marketing that is creating internet literacy in farmers across Africa.
  • Daily market prices displayed on the portal, it has made farmers aware of the actual prices of their commodities and choose the right fit amongst the options.
  • Making the farmers independent and aware through the schemes driving in their interests, this portal is improving the lives of farmers in Africa.
  • Reducing the middleman, web-based portals are targeting farmers in the economic landscape and sensitizing them on the new challenges they face and is making them more responsive.

Web-based portals are pacing in the trail of keeping every farmer aware of their rights and literate enough to get the deserved cost of their commodities, by providing them agricultural-related information. 

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