Flutterwave EndSARS
Photo source: technext
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Agencies of the Federal Government of Nigeria are going strategically to disturb the support mechanism of the on-going #ENDSARS movement across the country. According to a Twitter post, fintech platform, Flutterwave has allegedly been summoned by the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN). “FG has summoned @theflutterwave through @cenbank for handling the money for these protests. How is this even allowed ?! #SARSMUSTENDNOW”

This move is possible with an intention to seek solutions for its part in the fundraising process as well as providing a way for other people to donate to the #ENDSARS protest. Flutterwave first announced an inhouse donation of N2 million to help take care of the medical bills for the people injured at the protests. The donation has since then been opened to the members of the public who have contributed over 12 million Naira.

Data source: technext

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